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Magic Tape

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Live a life without holes in your wall.

Proven to be useful anywhere your imagination goes, Magic Tape moves any project to the next level.

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Features At A Glance

• Virtually invisible adhesive •
• Easy to cut •
• Durability that can hold up to 20lbs •
• Each roll is 3 feet long •
• Reuse it up to 300 times •
• Easy to wash •
• Leaves behind no residue •
• Can be stretched & folded •
• Works on any surface •

With outstanding adhesiveness and waterproof ability, it may be the best thing you ever used.

The double-sided grip nano technology puts power in the durability. With limitless features, you can stop furniture from moving, hang anything without nails, or easily vacuum rugs.


Nowadays, re-usability is key. Magic Tape is easy to wash. Gently massage it under warm water and let air dry. Wash, rinse, and repeat hundreds of times, useful on unlimited surfaces for any project you can imagine.


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